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‘With Languages, you are at home anywhere.’

Learning a language is more than learning a new set of words or new grammar rules and new pronunciation. Learning a new language is about communicating with others in a positive way, understanding another culture, being interculturally aware and competent.

In the Modern Foreign Languages department, we aim to provide a positive learning experience to all students, using the curriculum set for each year group, cultural projects and any other relevant resource. Such curriculum enables pupils to explore and develop confidence in the language, create a new set of academic and life skills, while ensuring clear progression throughout the journey from year 7 to year 11.

Students have the opportunity at year 9 to choose Spanish / French at GCSE. The GCSE programme starts at the beginning of the summer 2 term, after Easter.

Our enthusiasm and passion for languages and cultures around the world, especially those connected to French and Spanish, makes our Modern Foreign Languages department a vibrant learning platform.

We encourage our students to explore the language and the culture, not just through the language itself, but through our various projects and extra-curricular activities.

Knowing even the basics of a foreign language helps anyone feel more at home anywhere. An essential life-skill set for anyone who wants to expand their life experience after leaving school.

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