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  • Severe Weather Procedures
    Severe Weather Procedures

Severe Weather Procedures for Students

During periods of severe weather, the Academy will make a decision to implement one of the following options and communicate this decision before 7:30a.m.

  1. Open as normal
  2. Open but operating on a reduced timetable
  3. Closed Any decision will be communicated

Any decision will be communicated via:

  • The Academy website
  • A text message to parents/carers (parents/carers should ensure that their contact details are up to date)

Option 2 Open but operating on a reduced timetable

The school will officially open at the time stated on the website or text message (but will be open before this time for students arriving on earlier buses).

The main bus company, Hedingham Omnibuses, will be notified of our intentions but we will not contact all other taxi and minibus companies and parents/carers should talk to them directly about whether they will be running a service. Parents/carers should contact Hedingham Omnibuses directly for further information.

Students that walk to school or travel to school by car should aim to arrive by the stated opening time.

For students that arrive before the stated opening time.

  • Students in Years 7 and 8 should go to the English Area, students in Years 9 -11 should go to the Hall (or Canteen if examinations are planned) and wait there until they are told to move to registration.

Public examinations will start at their published times unless students are advised otherwise.

As ever a decision about sending students to school in difficult weather conditions must be made by each individual family, as local conditions can vary considerably. Students should think carefully about their footwear to and from school and wear the most appropriate footwear they have to help them manage on very slippery paths in the local area. Students should then change into their normal school footwear on arrival. Students should also ensure that they are warm, wearing an appropriate coat, hat and gloves.

The Ramsey Academy, Halstead will finish at the normal time – 3:00 p.m. There will be no after school lessons/clubs/detentions/meetings or late transport for students unless the weather has improved considerably during the day. We will communicate our position clearly on the website.

In the event of worsening weather conditions during the school day necessitating closure, we will give as much notice as possible and communicate this decision by the modes of communication listed above. Any student that may have problems getting home should report to the Hall. We will not allow students to leave the site unless we are confident that parents/carers are aware and approve of arrangements.

 Option 3 Academy Closure

The decision to close rests with the Headteacher and the senior leadership team. We will only make the decision to close as a last resort e.g. travelling becoming hazardous, or if the site is not safe for students and staff.

If the Academy is closed, students should ensure all homework is up-to-date for when they return. Some teachers will wish to contact students via Show My Homework to set work if it is appropriate to do so. If a school closure period lasts more than one school day, all teaching staff will set work via Show My Homework from the second closure day.

If the Academy is closed, students should access work via Microsoft Teams. 

Once a decision has been made to re-open after a closure period, this information will be provided using the communication methods listed above.