Week 2

  • Maths


"Maths is everywhere"

We aim to develop pupils into competent, confident mathematicians who enjoy learning the subject and will continue to do so. They should see the relevance of mathematics to their current and future lives. They should be able to make logical, reasoned arguments using standard mathematical techniques and be able to adapt these techniques when presented with unfamiliar situations. They should be prepared for the next stages of their education and future employment.

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Maths Department Staff

Ashard, Mrs A
Teacher of Maths
Bond, Miss C
Teacher of Maths
Charlton, Mr G
Director of Maths
Everett, Mr M
Assistant Headteacher, Excellence Leader for Maths
Groves, Mrs J
Deputy Curriculum Lead for Maths
Opoku, Mrs A
Teacher of Maths
Rendall, Miss H
Teacher of Maths