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  • Winter PE Kit

    Winter PE Kit

25 November 2014

25 November 2014

As we head towards winter, students need to prepare themselves for the colder weather in their PE lessons. Boys should all have rugby shirts which they should be wearing for football and rugby. Not only are they warmer, but they are also more hard-wearing for these types of sports than their summer polo shirts.

We have had some issues with the PE jumpers that the girls usually wear as we have recently found out that they are no longer being supplied. There are some PE jumpers available to purchase from the school in certain sizes and the girls are more than welcome to buy rugby shirts. Girls could also wear a plain black or burgundy sweatshirt. For health and safety reasons, we would ask that these do not have a zip or a hood on them.

All students may wear plain black tracksuit bottoms or jogging bottoms. Leggings are not a part of the PE uniform and should not be worn. Students may wear base layers if they have them and gloves, if these do not hinder performance in their activity.

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