Endeavour Charity Week 5 - 9 February

Monday, 05 February 2018

Endeavour Charity  Week 5 - 9 February

Endeavour House has chosen to support My Blue Heart. The organisation exists to encourage understanding and compassion towards everyone who has to live on without someone they love.

They aim to give bereaved people a way to show others they are grieving through wearing a heart shaped badge, in forget-me-not blue, with a red heart in its heart. The badge conveys the message ‘I carry your heart in mine' and always will.

To find out more visit - http://myblueheart.org.uk/

We have a variety of different we events happen all week, these include;
- Clothes and shoe collection with Bag2School (please refer to http://uk.baq2school.com/ for full details) - Collection Date       26.02.18
- Blue Heart Treasure Hunt
- Photo booth
- Cakes and Sweets Trolly
- Film Showing at Lunch
- Sponsored Walk - Wednesday 
- Staff Medieval Joust - Friday
- Non Uniform Day - Friday 9 February - £1 Donation