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The Ramsey 10

At The Ramsey Academy, Halstead we are committed to supporting student development through the provision of high quality teaching. Expectations of lessons have been developed by teaching staff and are outlined as our ‘Ramsey 10’. These expectations form the basis of lesson planning and evaluation and are the cornerstone of learning and teaching at the school.

Learning Objectives

 Students understand what they are learning through levelled, differentiated learning objectives that are displayed in all classrooms. 

High Expectations 

Knowledge of students’ prior attainment and targets are used to plan for challenge and high achievement. 

Success Criteria 

Success criteria are shared and modelled, ensuring that students are clear about how to progress.

Independent and Collaborative Learning 

Opportunities exist for independent and collaborative learning, including Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS). 

Assessment opportunities 

Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt and the progress they are making in the lesson through, for example, peer, self and teacher assessment. 

Differentiation and Challenge 

Students are challenged to think because the work is hard enough to stretch them but there is a clear chance of success. 


Effective questioning by the teacher, and by students, strengthens learning and promotes reflection. 

Varied and Imaginative Learning Activities 

Planned activities promote a high level of engagement, enjoyment and creativity (including activities that develop literacy, numeracy and SMSC). 

Effective Homework 

High quality homework is planned to support and develop learning. 

Celebrating Success 

Regular, planned opportunities exist to celebrate success.