Student Examinations Information

Examination Instructions for 2018 - 2019

  • Check the exam information board daily for any special instructions and for your seating number before the exam. For students not seated in the main hall, the board will also have areas being used and where you will be sitting your exam. If you are unsure of anything please see the Examinations Officer, Mrs Emberson who will happily help you
  • For mock examinations, you will attend normal lessons when you do not have an exam so bring correct books for the day/PE kit etc
  • It is very important that in the mornings you register before going to your exam
  • If you have an exam after break or lunch you must be outside the main hall or room at least ten minutes before the exam is due to start
  • Remember to bring a black pen, pencil, rubber, calculator and any specialised equipment to your exam. The school is not expected to lend out equipment

Golden Rules:

  1. Only clear pencil cases or you can use a clear plastic bag.
  2. No calculator cases in the exam hall/ rooms.
  3. No mobile phones, iPods, MP3/4 Players, Smartwatches or any watches with an electronic data storage device all of these must all be handed in at Student Services prior to the exam.*
  4. Only water can be taken into the exam hall/rooms. This must be in a clear plastic bottle with all labels removed.
  5. Enter the hall/room in silence and remain silent. 6. When entering the hall/room candidates must be in full school uniform.

* Please note this is an addition to the JCQ Regulations for 2016/2017 examinations.

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