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  • Careers Opportunities

    Careers Opportunities


For any year 11 students considering an apprenticeship NOW is the time to apply for any vacancies being advertised. An apprenticeship is a way for a young person to gain fully recognised qualifications whilst being employed. Students need to be sure that they are ready for full time work and are confident that the type of work they are entering is suited to them. Students can chose to do an apprenticeship RATHER than full time college.

Apprenticeships are available in all types of industries including, business administration, health care, childcare, graphics, marketing, mechanics, catering, sport and so on.

General Information on Apprenticeships:

  • Qualifications, skills and experience gained in the workplace
  • Minimum of one year, depending on the level
  • Practical learning with nationally recognised qualifications
  • Progression to the next apprenticeship level/possible permanent employment
  • Weekly wage paid

Students Need to:

  • Visit the National Apprenticeship Service website to search for local vacancies. https://www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk/apprenticeshipsearch
  • Check websites of large organisations for information about the companies and recruitment of school leavers.
  • Put together CV and covering letter templates in preparation for applying to local businesses.

For more information or advice please contact Mrs Eaves in school: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current Apprenticeship Vacancies in the Halstead area.

Please see below some examples of current apprenticeship vacancies in the surrounding area. For more information or to see a wider selection of vacancies please log on to: https://www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk/apprenticeshipsearch

Any Year 11s now seeking an apprenticeship should be registered on this website and regularly looking for new vacancies. Please see Mrs Eaves in the careers room on Wednesdays for further help and support with this.

Please be aware that vocational Colleges are still happy to accept applications for both full time courses and apprenticeships.

An example of some current apprenticeship vacancies (updated: 25 April 2018)







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