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07 July 2022

07 July 2022

Former Ramsey Academy student, Owen Smith, recently got in touch to share his experience of studying in 6th Form at the Royal Hospital School, having secured a Mathematics scholarship. Owen was aided in applying for  the highly prestigious ‘De Neumann’ Mathematics Scholarship, by Ramsey’s Mr Everett and Mrs Perrins, who came across the scheme and approached Owen with the idea for consideration. Here is what Owen had to say about securing the scholarship and what he’s been up to at Royal Hospital School in the past couple of years since leaving us.

‘‘It seems like only yesterday I was given a leaflet about a Mathematics scholarship at the Royal Hospital School. I decided I would give it a shot and was lucky enough to be successful in the process and become the very first De Neumann Maths Scholar. Never would I have guessed that this decision would have had such an enormous impact on my life. I would just like to share with you what the past two years have meant for me and let you know what I’ve been up to. Unlike most schools, RHS started in a semi full swing and I was soon introduced to some of the traditions, such as the “Divisions Parades”. This is when the school do a marching parade in a military sailor’s uniform. Despite having no knowledge of how to march or even how the parades worked, I decided I was going to tryout for the “elite” squad called the “Guard” and amazingly was successful to get in. I think its very cool! (we get to carry rifles whilst we march). Unfortunately sports fixtures were unable to go ahead during the first year at RHS, however there was an internal cross country race held at the school. I had recently rediscovered my love of running, so I decided to give it a go and came 1st in my year and 5th overall. Year 13 however, saw many fixtures go ahead. I represented the RHS’ Rugby team throughout the first term having many victorious matches. The second term, saw multiple cross country fixtures take place, and despite never entering a proper competition before, I managed to work my way up to county level and represented “Suffolk Schools Athletic Association”  at the East Anglia Cross Country Race. More recently I took part in the school’s “Mini Marathon” involving a 10 mile run. This is the furthest I have ever run and managed to come 2nd and then at the school Sports Day, I also won the 400m race.Despite many events being cancelled due to Covid, my first year at RHS was amazing. I made many new friends, discovered many new strange things, unique to the school, and to wrap it up, was awarded with the “Maths Prize” at the end of the year! My second year was even better, having every event going ahead that was possible including traditional military dinners and Sixth Form Balls.I have become a much more confident, more enthusiastic, and have higher expectations for my subjects and more confidence in my academic abilities. I have discovered my passion lies in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering and am hoping to go to Southampton University to begin my study next year in an Engineering course.As I begin my final week at RHS, there will be one more Divisions Parade on Saturday 2nd July. This is a special parade, as it is the Leavers Parade, marching off the Year 13s as they move on to the next stage in their life. Attached are some photos from my past two years here at RHS, I have made many amazing memories and am forever grateful for this opportunity.’’- Owen Smith

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