ICT - Creative iMedia Curriculum Overview

Course Outline

The mandatory units of pre-production and creating digital graphics underpin the qualification and reflect key industry skills. The pre-production skills unit is assessed through an examination and contributes 25% of the marks.

Unit R081: Pre-production skills

This first unit underpins the other learning in this qualification. Students will learn about how to plan pre-production effectively, including understanding of client requirements and reviewing pre-production briefs. They will use this knowledge in the optional units when they develop their own media products. This unit also provides excellent transferable skills such as project planning, which will be useful in a wide variety of contexts.

Unit R082: Creating digital graphics

Digital graphics are a key part of most digital products and this mandatory unit will help support the other optional units in the suite. Students will learn the basics of digital graphics editing for the creative and digital media sector, considering client requirements that they learnt about in R081.

Unit R085: Creating a multipage website

This unit enables students to understand the basics of creating multipage websites. Students will use their creativity to combine components to create a functional, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing website against a client brief.

R089: Creating a digital video sequence

Digital video is used in a range of products like games, websites or television productions. Students will explore uses of video products and then plan and produce a digital video sequence to meet a client’s brief.

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Assessment Format

Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in Creative iMedia (120 GLH) code J817

Unit R081: Pre-production skills

Written paper, 1 hour 15 minutes – 60 Marks

R082: Creating digital graphics

Centre assessed task, OCR moderated – 60 Marks

R085: Creating a multipage website

Centre assessed task, OCR moderated – 60 Marks

R089: Creating a digital video sequence

Centre assessed task, OCR moderated – 60 Marks

What skills will I need to be successful in this subject?

Learners who are taking this course should normally have followed the Lower School Programme of Study in Computer Science. Successful candidates will develop skills in:

  • the purpose and uses for pre-production documents;
  • interpreting client requirements;
  • identifying timescales for production;
  • how to conduct and analyse research;
  • identifying the target audience;
  • how legislation applies to ICT;
  • reviewing products;
  • understanding the purpose and properties of digital graphics, multipage websites and digital video sequences.

Possible Careers and Future Education

Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia are media-sector focused, including film, television, web development, gaming and animation, and have IT at their heart. As a worker of the future, the ability to analyse and design systems that are used in the workplace, the ability to see relationships and the broader perspective, to develop your project management skills and understand the need for team management will all be important and marketable skills.

This qualification is useful to students intending to follow Level 3 courses in media and IT. Examples include Cambridge Technical IT or Media courses, Media Studies and the Apprenticeship Framework.