Year 10 Covid Isolation Update

Monday, 14 December 2020

Year 10 Covid Isolation Update

Dear Parents/Carers

Following the recent change of advice regarding self-isolation from 14 days to 10 days, we are updating you on the return to school for the Year 10 students.

A number of parents have been in contact to clarify the situation.

We have contacted Essex Test & Trace for specific advice based on the context of the school taking into account our knowledge of the students who are waiting for covid-19 test results or self-isolating.

Therefore, until we receive specific advice, at the current time Year 10 students will not be expected to attend school on Tuesday 15 December.

However, if following advice from Essex Test & Trace, students may be expected to return to school later in the week.

We will update you as soon as we have the information.

Our apologies for not being able to provide you with a more definitive decision at this time.

Best wishes

R James & C Leys