Charging Policy

Trips, residential journeys and other extra curricular activities are considered to be a valuable part of the student’s complete education, touching upon all areas of the curriculum and providing social and personal experiences not normally available in home or college situations.

The Governors fully support the maintenance of free college education. However, there are a number of college activities, of proven value to the students’ wider education, that cannot be supported from the college’s budget or other available funds. Where this is the case, parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the costs.

No child will be excluded from activities because of their parents’ inability/unwillingness to pay.

Parents will contribute only their own child’s share of the costs i.e. costs for students who are unable/unwilling to pay will not be shared out amongst other students. Any shortfall may be met from the College Fund. If this is not possible, the activity may have to be abandoned.

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