Information Technology Curriculum Overview

The grid below gives an overview of the curriculum for this academic year:

Year 7

Students will follow a course of study including:

  • Digital Publishing - Online Safety.
  • Understanding Computers - Binary Numbers.
  • Elements of a Computer – Input / Output Devices
  • Programming - Game making with Scratch.
  • Modelling - Using spreadsheets to answer questions.
  • Organising Data - Using databases to present information.
  • Collaborative Projects - e-Safety Video.
Year 8  
  • Digital Publishing - ICT laws.
  • Understanding Computers – Encoding Binary.
  • Elements of a Computer - Central Processing Unit.
  • Programming – Python.
  • Modelling - Using Spreadsheets to support decision making.
  • Organising Data - Using databases to search and sort information.
  • Collaborative Projects - ICT Laws web site.
Year 9  
  • Digital Publishing - Data Security.
  • Understanding Computers - Binary Addition.
  • Elements of a Computer – Types of Memory.
  • Programming – Greenfoot.
  • Modelling - Using Spreadsheets to analyse impact.
  • Organising Data - Using databases for businesses.
  • Independent Projects - Preparing for KS4.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Computer Science

This course will, above all else, be relevant to the modern and changing world of computers. Computer Science is a subject where learners can apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real-world problems. It is an intensely logical subject that involves invention and strong mathematic skills.  This qualification will value computational thinking, helping learners to develop the skills to solve problems and design systems that do so.

 Key Stage 4 ICT  

Our ICT course provides the opportunity for you to develop your skills and knowledge in core IT applications which are commonly used in many organisations around the world. You will learn how to use a computer confidently, creatively and effectively and will improve your problem-solving and communication skills.

The course consists of a both practical and theory components.

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