Computer Science Curriculum Overview

The grid below gives an overview of the curriculum for this academic year: 

Year 7

Students will:

  • be introduced to the use of ICT at Ramsey Academy and e-safety
  • be introduced to computer theory and algorithms and simple programming
  • use Graphics software to create a film poster
  • use Scratch software to create games and introduce more programming
  • collaborate to create a video about the advantages and dangers of collaborating online

Year 8

Students will:

  • use spreadsheet software to create a model to assess our effect on the environment using validation and lookup formulae
  • use flowcharts to create robust controlled simulations.
  • create a database for a card game using simple and more complex queries
  • use web creation software to create an e-time capsule to show teenagers in 10 years’ time what life is like now
  • develop Python Programs to solve common but increasingly complex problems.

Year 9

Students will:

  • be introduced to GCSE options
  • use a variety of software to work on a project to market a product or service.  There is a variety of professional multimedia software available as well as Microsoft Office

Year 10 and Year 11
GCSE Computing

OCR GCSE Computing Overview

 Unit A451- 40% of total GCSE

1 hour 30 minutes

Written paper – 80 marks

Topics covered:

  • Fundamentals of computer systems
  • Computing hardware
  • Software
  • Representation of data in computer systems
  • Databases
  • Computer communications and networking
  • Programming

Unit A452 - 30% of total GCSE.

Controlled assessment. Approximately 20 hours. 45 marks.

Practical investigation.

OCR set scenario with choice of research tasks.

Unit A453 - 30% of total GCSE.

Controlled assessment. Approximately 20 hours. 45 marks.

Programming project.

Tasks that enable candidates to design, develop and test a solution to a problem. OCR set tasks.

Students will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how computer technology works
  • Be able to pursue higher studies and employment in Computer Science
  • Develop critical-thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills.

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